Alternate Cover Design by Samo Gale

16-year-old best friends Mitch Simon and Jordy Hubbard are two of the smallest kids in their suburban high school.  All they want to do is hang together, mind their own business and survive their junior year.  But their size, their lowly status, and their rumored sexual orientation makes them the targets of “The Syndicate,” a group of rich, arrogant kids who take pleasure in relentlessly bullying, tormenting and humiliating them, directly and on the internet.  Desperate and powerless, with no one to turn to, Mitch and Jordy fervently pray to heaven for help during a very intense lightning storm. Amazingly, it soon arrives in the form of James Batt, a seemingly clueless kid who immediately becomes the primary focus of The Syndicate.  But “J.B.” isn't exactly what he seems, and before long, the boys – and everyone else at school – are wondering: just who is this new kid, where is he from, and what's his agenda?


"Sometimes God answers prayers, and sometimes the devil does."